About Prosthodontics

Dentistry is a fact of life for most people.

Despite our best efforts, our oral health can become compromised during the course of our lives. Either by accident or disease, our teeth may need repair or replacement. Prosthodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the replacement of teeth and their associated tissues with artificial appliances that are both fixed and removable.

The American College of Prosthodontists is the official sponsoring organization for the specialty of prosthodontics, which is one of the nine recognized specialties of the American Dental Association.

At IPA, our doctors are active supporters of their specialty organization which works toward advancements in treating your smile. Dr. McGarry served as President of the ACP in 2000 and has been distinguished with the 2004 President’s Award for his leadership and vision. Dr. Brackett has also been an active member serving on the Board of Directors as well as other committees.

Watch a video by the American College of Prosthodontists, featuring Dr. McGarry, to learn more: